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Apple HomeKit

Best Apple Home Kit ready products for your smart home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 17, 2016

Apple HomeKit set unified smart home, put our iphone and ipad control from the smart thermostats connected bulb and so on. The technical background, so that all of your products to talk to each other.

Are all integrated into the home, a dedicated app that arrives with iOS 10 and is easier than ever to control all your HomeKit-enabled devices from one place.

If your existing Apple user wants to buy HomeKit Smart Home Revolution then it may be a bit hard to find which company to choose. HomeKit enables accessories and devices that can be sold with the help of the “Apple HomeKit” badge.

Check out our largest list of registrations and we’ll keep updating as time goes by …

Philips Hue


Why would you want purple lighting in the bedroom and fuschia in the living room? Because you can, of course. Colours and brightness can now be controlled within the Apple ecosystem through Siri and, if you’re an existing Hue user, it’s simple to port all the info needed from your old bridge.

If you’re new to the game, there is a white and colour ambiance starter kit containing the bridge and three A19 bulbs.


Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat


Honeywell announced a new version of its smart thermostat at CES 2016. The new Lyric is identical to previous models but adds HomeKit support – you can set the temperature from your iPhone, get alerts when it needs maintenance and there’s geofencing so the Lyric will know when you enter and leave your house.

These types of functions can be integrated with other HomeKit devices and the smart thermostat is compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings too. This is your answer if you like the look of Nest but you’re sure you want a HomeKit home.


Nanoleaf Aura


Nanoleaf Halo is a modular lighting system that you can stick your walls and windows to make beautiful designs. It is a set of triangles that will glow and / or flash whatever you wish, what color, and best of all, it is the complete sound control.

You can use Siri to control your lights and your voice.



Hunter Symphony and Signal ceiling fans


CES also saw the news that Hunter’s new Wi-Fi enabled Symphony and Signal ceiling fans will work with Apple HomeKit.

That means Siri control, as ever, and integration with other HomeKit products including creating scenes for fans and smart bulbs as you move from room to room in your house or get ready for bed.


Elgato Eve Home Monitoring


Knowing your home isn’t just about how to get that toilet flush with the ‘knack’ to work. Nothing escapes the attention of the Elgato Eve range, which consists of four separate sensors (room, weather, energy, door and window) that will grant you immediate access to your house’s humidity levels, air quality, and temperature – and even the air pressure outside.

Elgato’s smart, energy monitoring plug and light switch are also be HomeKit compatible though its smart bulbs don’t yet support Apple’s standard.


First Alert ONELINK Wi-Fi


Nest kind of has the smart smoke and CO detecting market tapped up but don’t discard First Alert if you’re looking for some automated HomeKit compatibility.

The alarm, which replaces your current wired device (a battery powered version is also available) will alert you with notifications in the event of a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency and the HomeKit integration means you can run tests and alter mood lighting directly from your iPhone.


August Smart Lock


This clever lock uses a Bluetooth connection with your device to open up as you approach. It also works with a key, if your phone runs out of battery.

iPhone owners can use Siri to lock and unlock doors using voice commands. It also works with Apple Watch, so you can use your wrist worn device to lock the door, view your activity log, and receive instant notifications.

August has made some pretty big changes on the software front adding a new Access mode offering a list of companies that take care of stuff at home for you while you are away.




You’re going to need a little bit more effort in to set up this thermostat from the Canadian home automation company because it comes complete with a number of remote sensors that fulfils the product’s ‘Follow Me’ option. If they detect motion, the thermostat will take a temperature reading from that room and decide if it needs cooling down or warming up, according to your heating history since installation. Currently, US only.


iDevices Outdoor Switch


Your friend may be behind closed doors in the home automation but outside? This is the first rain-tight smart choice given to those who want Siri-contolled lights this Christmas, or get an outdoor party start while plating in the kitchen.

Plug it into the energy-dampened 8-foot-tall Santa Claus in the garden, and you never have to worry about bankruptcy if you forget to turn off him when you run away from home. At present, only in the United States.