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Acer Air monitor will make sure you’re breathing in the good stuff

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 27, 2017

Acer, the most well known laptops manufacturer, affordable smartphone and computer monitor, other things that are now adventurous into the smart home field with its new air monitor. The stereoscopic device looks a bit like a glowing smoke alarm that can check the air quality in real time with a series of LED lights, changing […]

The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2017

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 25, 2017

Like door locks and security systems, light bulbs have grown exponentially smarter in recent years. You can now replace your standard incandescent bulb with a variety of connected lighting solutions that you can control with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. But with so many options flooding the smart home market, which […]


Some Things to Ask Amazon Alexa to do at Your House

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 17, 2017

Voice. It’s the ultimate way with smart home products. You just say your thoughts and listen to your home, thanks to products like Amazon echo and Alexa voice assistant technology. Echo and point with your blessing to listen to products including light switch and thermostat garage door opener and complete home automation and safety system. […]


Lutron Scores Best Lighting Product Award from Consumer Technology Association

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 11, 2017

Electronic Publishing CEPro joined the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to select the winner Mark Excellence Award for the annual program. This year nearly 160 smart home products manufacturers and designers into the smart home project competition. Winner in a variety of categories of experts in a group of judges; here are the best lighting control […]


Brilliant is an affordable, all-in-one Alexa home hub

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 9, 2017

Environmental Computing is Scott Dunlop’s jam, smartphone companion app is the enemy. Smart Home’s chief product officer launches brilliant home technology by Entrepreneur Allen Emigh in 2014 and does not think the $ 50,000 cut to your wall should be separate from the two. “Aaron realizes more of the smart home products he has in […]

new WeMo Mini

At CES, Belkin shrinks the WeMo Switch

By Smart Home System 0 Comment January 3, 2017

For a few years now, Belkin’s WeMo line of smart home switches have been a reasonably affordable home automation starting point. Now, at CES 2017, Belkin figured it was time to refresh the lineup. The main attraction is the new WeMo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug, which goes up for pre-sale today at a price of […]


The best smart bulbs for your connected smart home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 26, 2016

Smart light color bulbs-LED-based bulbs can control the smartphone and “tune” the rainbow-are no longer issued any new ideas of hue. What’s new is how far this technology has come since just a few years ago. Color LED bulbs have not quite a commodity, but they are getting closer to a mature market. Today’s bulbs […]

Apple HomeKit

Best Apple Home Kit ready products for your smart home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 17, 2016

Apple HomeKit set unified smart home, put our iphone and ipad control from the smart thermostats connected bulb and so on. The technical background, so that all of your products to talk to each other. Are all integrated into the home, a dedicated app that arrives with iOS 10 and is easier than ever to […]


top 12 best smart home systems in 2016

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 14, 2016

The smart home era here, and finally, a coherent system that perfectly handles the best technology on the market has finally become a reality. And big companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Philips are truly embracing the idea of a truly connected living space, which is easier than ever to start setting up smart home. Whether […]

Smarter than the average smart switch

Smart Lighting Kit review: Lutron makes the best smart switch money can buy

By Smart Home System 0 Comment November 25, 2016

If you want to change the light switch to become more intelligent, support for the switch can be automated or remote control, then Lutron belongs to the top of your list. It is not particularly close. Put simply, these are the best smart switches money can currently buy. We’ve been testing them throughout the CNET […]