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Google Home smart speaker

Google Home smart speaker finally gets a UK launch

By Smart Home System 0 Comment March 2, 2017

Months after propelling into homes in the US, Google Home is finally set to arrive in the UK and take on Amazon  Echo range. The search giant revealed at MWC in Barcelona that the smart home device will make the journey across the pond in the second quarter of 2017, which falls any time between […]


Corian Countertops Designed to Charge Your Wireless Devices

By Smart Home System 0 Comment March 1, 2017

I spent some time in the modern century of Palm Springs, this week in the middle of this century on the surface of the luxurious modern architecture, but want to pick up some tips to integrate smart technology into this my favorite style. Imagine how excited I was to see the main gathering place of […]

smart lock

Alexa can now unlock August Smart Locks

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 20, 2017

This summer, smart lock maker announced in August for the first time with Amazon’s integrated smart home assistant Alexa. This is very basic and allows the user to check if the unit is locked. Naturally, people want to know whether it is good or bad when they can open the front door, their voice, when […]


Some Things to Ask Amazon Alexa to do at Your House

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 17, 2017

Voice. It’s the ultimate way with smart home products. You just say your thoughts and listen to your home, thanks to products like Amazon echo and Alexa voice assistant technology. Echo and point with your blessing to listen to products including light switch and thermostat garage door opener and complete home automation and safety system. […]

HomeKit-compatible security camera

D-Link Omna is the first Apple HomeKit-friendly security camera worth your purchase

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 16, 2017

The first HomeKit-compatible camera can now be purchased directly from Apple, then worry about another thing about the nest. Omna 180 HD is made up of d packets – you may guess 180 degree wide angle lens, as well as night vision ability up to 16 feet. It can also store video and pictures, all […]

Pixel’s Google Assistant can now control your smart home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment February 13, 2017

You no longer need a $130 Google Home to take full advantage of the search giant’s connected tech. Ridicule a few weeks ago through the blog, Google’s assistant in the company’s own pixel phone can now use voice commands to control your smart home. Just go to the Google Assistant settings, open the “control” and […]

smart smoke alarm

Netatmo takes on Nest with smart smoke alarm

By Smart Home System 0 Comment January 12, 2017

Any nest, Netatmo, er. After the introduction of outdoor smart camera there a few weeks after the nest nests outdoor cam revealed that the French company has been following its state-owned competitors into the smart smoke detector market. The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm hasn’t got the Co2 skills of the Nest Protect and is instead […]

Withings Home Plus

Withings Home Plus is one of the first HomeKit-friendly security cameras

By Smart Home System 0 Comment January 10, 2017

Withings announced the launch of Home Plus, the latest version of Smart Security Camera, and this one with Apple HomeKit to play well. Home plus live streaming to your smartphone, Apple TV, and even Apple Watch, but also work with Android apps at home with Android users. However, with the current pod, it also applies […]

SimpliSafe Home Security System

Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 27, 2016

The Internet of Things makes it easier than ever to build a smart home that can remotely control your door locks, lawn mowers, lights, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, and even pet feeders, using your smartphone and applications, Easy (and relatively inexpensive) to monitor your home from virtually anywhere smart security systems. Smart security systems are highly […]


The Best Home Security Cameras

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 22, 2016

One of the biggest benefits of smart home is the ability to know what’s happening when you do not. Whether you are checking your kids, pets, or a bizarre collection of gems, home security cameras are a great tool to keep a close eye on things from a distance. Although the feature from the device […]