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top 12 best smart home systems in 2016

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 14, 2016

The smart home era here, and finally, a coherent system that perfectly handles the best technology on the market has finally become a reality. And big companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Philips are truly embracing the idea of a truly connected living space, which is easier than ever to start setting up smart home. Whether […]

First Alert THERM-500

10 Best Wifi Thermostats You Can Buy

By Smart Home System 0 Comment December 7, 2016

This is a time saver, money and energy idea, smart and sophisticated wireless thermostat to keep your home or office all year round at the perfect temperature. The ADC-T2000 gives you remote access and control of your home temperature, plus it allows you to set up custom schedules and location-based automation, so it turns […]