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A dehumidifier, such as the portable hOmeLabs unit shown here, can go a long way toward making your home a healthier place. Image: hOmeLabs.

Smarter dehumidifiers for a healthier home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

Outside the temperatures are soaring, and its possible the humidity level in your home may be increasing as well. There are many issues that can manifest themselves due to high humidity in the home, so figuring out how to control it protects your valuable investment. Portable and semi-portable dehumidifiers are among the most popular units […]

Your Wi-Fi router might be slowing you down. It's among the key things you need to check if your smart home network is not up to speed.

Tips to maximize internet speed in your smart home

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

Smart homes and connected devices have become a part of modern life for many—our homes can relay information to us at any time, no matter where we are, and many common tasks can easily be automated. These devices require non-stop internet bandwidth to operate, though, and connecting enough of them can slow your internet to […]

Smart grills and grilling accessories can keep your backyard party going down the right path. Weber offers the iGrill smart thermometer for many of its models, like this Spirit 2 grill. Image: Digitized House Media.

Smart home tech solutions for summer celebrations

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

Summer is a time filled with celebrations, such as birthday parties, weddings, and family reunions. If you’re hosting such an event, you may feel the stress of all the responsibility resting on your shoulders. You want everything to run smoothly, but you aren’t quite sure how to avoid the many pitfalls of event planning.  The […]

Connected homes can be much more than technology showcases, and when properly outfitted can help improve our quality of life.

How smart homes can help improve quality of life

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

Today’s increasingly popular smart home technologies impress the neighbors and make us marvel at how far innovations have come in the last decade or so. However, these gadgets do more than just provide bragging rights and give fascination. They can also offer a much broader kind of satisfaction by improving our quality of life. Here […]

Security cameras have gotten much smarter, but where you place them can increase their effectiveness. Image: Digitized House Media.

With smart security cameras, location is everything

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

So you installed a security system and you’re feeling great knowing that your family and your home are protected. After researching, you purchased one of the the best security systems that you could find and opted for adding a number of cameras around the exterior of your home. Now life is good. But hang on. […]

Skydrop Arc smart sprinkler controller system. Image: Skydrop.

6 smart irrigation controllers to keep your lawn happy this summer

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

As the temperatures creep up during the long days of summer, lawns grow thirsty. Even though you might have the best intentions to keep your lawn properly watered and looking lush and green, busy work schedules and family activities can derail you from those plans. The solution is installing smart irrigation controllers. These devices are […]

Ever wonder how much energy your abode is using right now? Monitors like Smappee can tell you in a flash.

Smappee transforms boring appliances into smart devices

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

Everybody wastes at least a little bit of electrical energy in their home, but how can you eliminate that waste if you don’t know where it’s coming from? Well, with Smappee, you can. The company offers a range of whole-home energy monitors, smart plugs, and an app that enable you to monitor, measure, and control […]

Smart door locks offer keyless entry and added safety for your home. Image: August Home.

4 key smart home safety features to invest in

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

If you’re just starting to entertain the idea of installing smart security devices in your home, remember that these devices can sometimes carry a hefty up-front cost. It’s helpful to think about them as long-term investments—in your safety and in your finances.  Besides making your home more attractive to potential buyers, especially millennial buyers, smart […]

Do you know if your garage door is open or closed right now? The new generation of smart garage door opener controllers can let you check via your smartphone. Image: Digitized House Media.

5 smart controllers to elevate your garage door

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 9, 2018

There are smart door locks and intelligent room lights and thermostats, so why not smart garage door controllers, too? As it turns out, you can buy those and there are a growing number to choose from. Here are five of the best ones.  [1] Chamberlain C450 Durable Chain Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Fitted with […]

Australian IoT Awards 2017 winners announced

By Smart Home System 0 Comment July 5, 2017

Oyster farming, koala tracking, and solar-powered bins were amongst the winners of the inaugural Australian IoT Awards 2017. Presented at the conclusion of the Adapt Digital Edge Experience at the Marriott Hotel in Surfer’s Paradise, five category winners were acknowledged for their innovative IoT projects. Judging the winners was extremely difficult, due the high standard […]