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New Product : Home Energy Management System CSIRO

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 25, 2016

Home energy management system CSIRO has launched by Australian energy.

It is able to select the most efficient source for the household’s electricity supply at any given time by continuously analysing and optimising the energy sourced by solar panels or stored in batteries on-site.

The system also looks at the power consumption patterns of a household, and combined with local weather condition data, is able to make smart decisions to assist with energy cost reduction.

Evergen remotely manages the system, and ongoing analysis and updates are provided by CSIRO.

CSIRO also developed the core energy management intelligence platform for the system, and provided research expertise to Evergen to assist in commercialisation efforts.

According to CSIRO’s energy director Dr Peter Mayfield, the system is a practical implementation of the solar and battery power research that the group has done over the last several years.

“We know that consumers are viewing their household electricity differently and taking more control; intelligent systems allow them to do this with ease,” Mayfield said in a statement.

Evergen chairman Stephen Dunne added: “We’re excited to be taking the science of CSIRO and building it into an energy system that will benefit families all over Australia.”

The Evergen system is now available to Australians in an early release program, with a second-stage release program to be launched in January 2017.