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What’s Holding Back the Internet of Things and How the Difficulty Can be Overcome in Australia

By Smart Home System 0 Comment September 8, 2016

Australia’s Internet of Things is not as rapid as it is in the United States and parts of Europe. “What you see now is that things aren’t moving that fast, which we expected,” said Wienke Giezeman, IoT pioneer and co-founder of The Things Network. “Things are being overvalued, the proprietary products that are in the market […]

Technology Standard Hypercat Australia Support the Development of Smart Cities

By Smart Home System 0 Comment September 6, 2016

As a technology standard, Hypercat Australia support the development of smart cities. The UK-developed alliance and interoperability standard enables free communication from any connected IoT sensor or device used to monitor an environment. The standard will help improve city services through better informed decision-making based on data such as air quality, energy usage, traffic flows and asset utilisation. […]

KPMG Australia Announced New Business Dedicated IoT Practice

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 30, 2016

KPMG Australia announced that a new business practice focused on the Internet of Things. Spearheaded by Piers Hogarth-Scott, the IoT practice will focus on three sectors: Smart cities, including connected transport and infrastructure Smart campuses, recognising universities as microcosms of cities Smart agriculture. KPMG intends to grow the practice to more than 30 IoT specialists over […]

New Product : Home Energy Management System CSIRO

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 25, 2016

Home energy management system CSIRO has launched by Australian energy. It is able to select the most efficient source for the household’s electricity supply at any given time by continuously analysing and optimising the energy sourced by solar panels or stored in batteries on-site. The system also looks at the power consumption patterns of a household, and […]

Using LoRa to build a ‘Fitbit for Sydney’

By Smart Home System 0 Comment July 20, 2016

Following a successful launch of a similar network in Wollongong earlier this year, Meshed unveiled its publicly accessible LoRaWAN network in Sydney, in partnership with The Things Network, the IoT Alliance and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Capturing data about the health of Sydney’s CBD is a key objective for IoT integrator Meshed with […]

Telstra launched smart home platform

By Smart Home System 0 Comment June 24, 2016

The telco will be providing a range of smart home products, from door and window sensors to motion sensors, wifi cameras, light bulbs, smart power outlets and a smart door lock. Telstra has announced that it will be launching a smart home platform for Australian customers later this year. To provide interconnectivity, Telstra will be […]