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Technology Standard Hypercat Australia Support the Development of Smart Cities

By Smart Home System 0 Comment September 6, 2016

As a technology standard, Hypercat Australia support the development of smart cities. The UK-developed alliance and interoperability standard enables free communication from any connected IoT sensor or device used to monitor an environment. The standard will help improve city services through better informed decision-making based on data such as air quality, energy usage, traffic flows and asset utilisation. […]

Qualcomm’s senior director, Art Mille’s Views of Smart City

By Smart Home System 0 Comment August 16, 2016

“We see cities and municipalities look like deer in headlights; they’re stalled because there are so many options and they don’t know where to start,” Art Miller, Qualcomm’s senior director for business development, told IoT Hub. The solution, Miller said, is to start at the basics – understanding the infrastructure needs of each city department […]